Project Detail

  • MR Construction Building LTD
  • 100% Gross
  • -2019-2022 Quarter 4
  • Licensing Process


Building works can be very daunting and things can easily get out of control. Before it all over helms you, give us a call: 07877998367, or fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MR Construction Building ltd,-

Europe Office

Address: 71 Haven Lane, London W5 2HZ

Phone: (+44) 787 799 8367


Development Process

Our latest east London project. Building from ground up the top.

We are committed to the ServiceDesign - Build - Renovate - Maintain Electric - Plumbing - Tiling - Carpanintery

Company Value 65%
IPO Margin 85%

Project Targeting

Project targeting soon....

Managing Investment"

Managing investment soon......